Marriage and Family Sociology



According to the text discuss the characteristics of the specifically indicated racial family as well as the effects of belonging to the specific racial group on the family.You may also discuss the differences within the groups.Some topics of discussion are: social status, income, employment, education, health, marital and family patterns, family composition and characteristics, and cultural norms.

Discuss one of our main sociological theories and explain how it relates to the sociological study of marriage and the family.First explain the theory and then explain how it relates to the family system.Make sure you include application of terms and concepts from class and that you give several examples of how the theory relates to the family.

Discuss homosexual families and homosexual parents.Include the data on homosexual families, child rearing, and the effects on the children as well as information contained in the videos shown in class on homosexual families and children.

Explain the idea of “free-choice” in choosing a marriage partner.Discuss the degree of free choice we have and the factors that affect our choice in a marriage partner.

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